Steeped in a combined six generations of honest tradition, Barber & Co is a union of full-service barbershops and a grooming line for the modern gentleman. A partnership between Vancouver’s pub maven Jeff Donnelly and third-generation barber Martin Rivard — the shops offer sharp expertise in the craft of barbering artfully blended with the comforts of a social club.

The handmade line of men’s grooming products are crafted in nature and built by science in our lab located in Vancouver’s famed Yaletown neighbourhood.


Barbershops as social clubs isn’t a new and novel idea, but it’s a great one — in fact our own fathers fathers were all over it in their yesteryears and they did it damn well. Having originally been in the business of pubs and cocktail taverns, when the opportunity presented itself to support the revival of a tradition we took a stab with the first shop in Vancouver’s Gastown.

The idea came over many beers, haircuts and hot shaves as Jeff Donnelly and his team, including third-generation barber Martin Rivard, were meeting on the weekly in a barbershop. Since opening that first shop in 2010, we’ve opened four more plus an Academy and Lab with the help of Ian Daburn, another third-generation barber.




As locals of the Pacific Northwest, we feel obliged both to keeping the modern gentleman well groomed and our earth well kept. That’s why we use natural ingredients, partner with suppliers employing sustainable practices and keep our processes environmentally friendly whenever possible.

We import many of our alloys from Kentucky, like we do our bourbon — our glass from the Netherlands and everything else is sourced locally from Canada. Our containers were all selected for their durable and resealable qualities so you can repurpose them once finished or recycle like any citizen of the earth should.